Product: playful article, without cutting edge, to be used with a special chain, useful for carrying out an assisted saber / sabrage.

Precautions for use: Pay attention that is free space in front of the bottle and there are no people or fragile objects around. The bottle must not be directed towards people or objects, which must be at a safe distance, so make sure you are isolated in a suitable place. After sabrage, The bottle neck will be extremely cutting, so be careful when handling it and never drink from the bottle. When pouring the wine into the glass carefully check there are no present glass fragments. The card must be kept out of reach of children. This precautions do not have any technical-scientific relevance and does not necessarily lead to the successful use of the Card.

Responsibility: this Company disclaims any and all liability, civil and criminal, and compensation for any damage to property, people and structures directly caused or attributable to actions and behaviors required by the Customer during the use of the Card ".